This guide is describes the examination procedure to be followed when certifing a candidate as a FIWARE expert.

An expert is recognised as having fulfilled the following:

  • They have made a solid recognised contribution to the FIWARE Community
  • They have a thorough cross-chapter understanding of all aspects of FIWARE including the latest developments in the catalogue
  • They are able to describe how to architect FIWARE-based solutions properly at scale
  • They are up-to-date with all aspects of the NGSI-v2 and NGSI-LD interfaces and other FIWARE fundamentals
  • They have a solid understanding of what it takes to make a product FIWARE-ready

Webinar: Passing the FIWARE Experts Exam

The webinar provides a walkthrough of the examination process and explains how it is run, and is designed to help candidates understand the level of answers needed in order to pass with flying colours.

Webinar: Local Expert in B2B Data Sharing

The LEDBS examination combines elements of the FIWARE Expert exam with additional tests on data sharing and distributed trust using the iSHARE framework. This companion webinar compares and contrasts the LEDBS requirements against a standard FIWARE Expert exam.