Definition of a FIWARE Expert

An expert is defined as having fulfilled the following:

  • They have made a solid recognised contribution to the FIWARE Community
  • They have a thorough cross-chapter understanding of all aspects of FIWARE including the latest developments in the catalogue
  • They are able to describe how to architect FIWARE-based solutions properly at scale
  • They are up-to-date with all aspects of the NGSI inference and other FIWARE fundamentals
  • They have a solid understanding of what it takes to make a product FIWARE-ready

How the exam process evaluates the definition

Each bullet point emphasises a different aspect of the exam process. The first bullet point covers the so-called body-of-work - in other words what FIWARE has the candidate done so far? The second emphasises the role of the FIWARE Catalogue - in other words the curated free open source parts of FIWARE - obviously the candidate's background could be in other third party components, but should be able to demonstrate knowledge of the existing generic enablers (mainly the full members).

There will be an open-ended question describing a theoretical smart product where the candidate will need to describe the architecture and name the components to be used fulfill the criteria. It is expected that the candidate would be able to justify their choices.

The NGSI interface section of the exam ensures the candidate is familar all of the interactions found within the context broker as well as the FIWARE data models and the NGSI definitions such as the temporal and geolocation aspects.

Finally FIWARE Ready section is about understanding whether a device is FIWARE compatible, what tests are required and so on.

Background reading

The following documents are suggested as essential background reading: